Our complete custom store design and development on the BigCommerce platform will set you apart from, not only every other merchant on BigCommerce, but every other merchant in your industry.

Below are some custom-designed eCommerce websites that we designed for the BigCommerce platform.

Photo Pie

Photo Pie specializes in custom backgrounds and wardrobe items for professional photographers. Being in the photography industry, they initially wanted a look and feel similar to a photographer’s portfolio site, which was grayscale with large empty spaces in which to display images.

After a round of layout presentations they instead chose a more artistic direction that was presented to them. We used both cool pastels and warm solid tones, over earth tones, to convey an easy-going artistic attitude, but used eye tracking software to ensure that the flow of information reached the viewer in the proper order.

Luxe Purses

Luxe Purses, a reseller of authentic luxury and designer handbags, needed a modern, fast-loading efficient store site that would accommodate and display a large inventory of products with multiple images for each piece of merchandise.

We provided Luxe Purses with a clean, minimalistic design with plenty of white space relief in which to thoughtfully place identity and contact elements. The store layout is simple to navigate and makes buying easy.

With their new AMD designed BigCommerce store, Luxe Purses’ sales increased 300% within a month.

BrainSmart Nutritional Supplements

BrainSmart sells advanced brain nutrition supplements. They asked for an eCommerce site that conveyed a high level of professionalism while also maintaining a people-oriented feel.

AMD created three fresh, modern design/layout solutions that conveyed BrainSmart’s intended message and integrated strong “Call to Action” methods.