Break out of the BigCommerce Template Box

BigCommerce is about the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the Internet. BC has a long list of features, they’re PCI compliant and have good tech support. What they don’t have, in my opinion, are great template designs.

You can’t just pull one off the proverbial shelf and leave it as is – they’re too generic; your store will look like all the other stores whose owners are unwilling to have their template customized.

Professional Product Photos

So let’s say we’ve built your BigCommerce store with an extensive list of BigCommerce features. You’ve stocked your new BigCommerce store with products, written descriptions, keywords and accurate page titles. Read more

The Importance of Professional Logo Design

Starbucks shocked the world when it unveiled its new logo. But this wasn’t the first time that the coffee giant stirred things up a bit (coffee, stir, get it?) but caffeine addicts, mommy bloggers and business analysts around the globe are still debating the merits and weaknesses of the new and “improved” Starbucks siren. Read more

Run Your Own Business? You Need a Website!

In case you haven’t already noticed, the days of putting an ad in the Yellow Pages to expand your customer base are long gone. When people need a product or service, they turn to their computer instead. Some small business owners are reluctant to take the plunge into cyberspace, but getting your company online is one of the best things that you can do. Read more

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Say the word outsourcing in a crowded room and chances are pretty high that someone will make a comment about jobs being sent overseas. They might have a valid point, but outsourcing is simply the process of delegating tasks to others—it doesn’t really matter where the person doing those tasks is located. Read more