The Importance of Professional Logo Design

Starbucks shocked the world when it unveiled its new logo. But this wasn’t the first time that the coffee giant stirred things up a bit (coffee, stir, get it?) but caffeine addicts, mommy bloggers and business analysts around the globe are still debating the merits and weaknesses of the new and “improved” Starbucks siren.

Even if you couldn’t care less about Starbucks and the image they print on cups and napkins, their logo saga is a perfect example of why your company should choose professional logo design.

Logos are an indispensable feature of any business, from multi-million dollar corporations like Starbucks to local mom-and-pop establishments. We’re living in an age where personal and corporate branding is becoming more and more important every single day, and a logo—good or bad—can make or break a company. Even so, professional logo design is overlooked all too often.

The Importance of a Logo

If you were stranded in a foreign country and desperately wanted a cheeseburger and fries, you would instantly recognize a pair of McDonald’s golden arches on top of any building—even if you didn’t speak the language in that country. The instant recognition that McDonald’s has successfully developed is an easy way to see how a company logo can instantly separate one business from another. A professionally-designed logo will instantly separate your business from your competitors.

Choose Professional Logo Design

The reasons that some business owners decide against professional logo design vary. Some people truly believe that they can whip something up themselves. Other business owners purchase a generic, one-size-fits-all logo on the internet, adding their company name. Some people even let a “friend of a friend” create a company logo for them.

If any of those scenarios are routes you’ve taken yourself, consider this: your company logo represents your business and all it has to offer. Why should it be anything less than the best? Choose professional logo design and put your best foot forward!