Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Say the word outsourcing in a crowded room and chances are pretty high that someone will make a comment about jobs being sent overseas. They might have a valid point, but outsourcing is simply the process of delegating tasks to others—it doesn’t really matter where the person doing those tasks is located.

Hiring a virtual assistant has become common practice for many small business owners, even though using an online virtual assistant is a form of outsourcing.

In layman’s terms, an administrative virtual assistant is someone who performs general office duties from a remote location. Your administrative virtual assistant can help you with basic clerical duties like data entry, appointment scheduling, mailings, invoicing and more— all without setting foot in your office.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant are abundant, and five of the main benefits are listed below.

1. Increased productivity. Virtual assistants perform mundane yet necessary tasks that waste your valuable time. Letting someone else handle those tasks translates into more productive time for you.

2. No need for office space. Hiring a virtual assistant is convenient if you have limited office space because they work from their own home or office.

3. No special equipment. A virtual assistant owns their own computer, telephone, furniture and the like. In most cases, no special equipment is needed from you when hiring a virtual assistant.

4. Fewer worries. Many sole proprietors are afraid of taking on employees because they do not want to deal with payroll taxes and employee benefits. Most virtual assistants work as independent contractors, meaning fewer worries for you.

5. Substantial savings. Hiring a virtual assistant also translates into substantial savings for you and your business! With more time to spend on your own productive tasks, no need to worry about additional office space or expensive equipment and dealing with costly taxes and benefits.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Shouldn’t Cause Headaches

As a business owner, you may consider yourself a Jack of all trades (or a Jill of all trades!) Realistically, though, there’s no need to worry about doing everything yourself. Hiring a virtual assistant is an excellent way to cover all your bases while saving time and money. Let Advanced Multimedia Designs take care of the details and provide you with a top-quality administrative virtual assistant today!