BigCommerce is about the fastest growing eCommerce platform on the Internet. BC has a long list of features, they’re PCI compliant and have good tech support. What they don’t have, in my opinion, are great template designs.

You can’t just pull one off the proverbial shelf and leave it as is – they’re too generic; your store will look like all the other stores whose owners are unwilling to have their template customized.

This is not a bash-BigCommerce article. This is a “don’t settle for a generic template” article.

The good thing about the BigCommerce template system is that, for designers/developers, it is very straight forward. So once we had designed several BigCommerce stores, we had learned the template layout system very well and were able to completely redesign the look and feel of any store, customize layouts and add enhancements, all in a relatively short time.

AMD offers BigCommerce template customization for eCommerce merchants who want to step out of a generic template box and into a customized store on the BigCommerce platform without investing in a full-scale, from-scratch, custom design for their BigCommerce store.

The cost for ourBigCommerce template customization is about 25% of a completely custom BigCommerce Store with all the extra enhancements. This is easily affordable for merchants who are boot-strapping their way into the world of eCommerce.

BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform and we highly recommend it. But we also recommend that merchants pull away from the generic template pack by having BigCommerce template customization. Whether your store is already on BigCommerce or you’re getting ready to take the leap onto the BigCommerce platform, AMD will break your BigCommerce store out of the template box and put it ahead of the pack. If you are ready to stand out from the crowd, Contact us now.