Professional Product Photos

So let’s say we’ve built your BigCommerce store with an extensive list of BigCommerce features. You’ve stocked your new BigCommerce store with products, written descriptions, keywords and accurate page titles.

Now, before you launch your store and send out newsletters – Stop! Take a look at your product photos. Did you go to a professional photo studio, hire a professional photographer to come to you, or did you take them yourself with your digital camera, or worse yet, your iPhone?

Ask yourself this: what’s the first thing you see after your Google search locates a website that sells a product you’re searching for? If it’s a professional eCommerce store, you’ll see professional product photos, taken by professional photographers, being used in product listings and landing page banners. If you don’t see professional photos, you’ll likely bounce from the site because you have doubts about the product or the store itself.

The point here is – search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., all need keyword-rich content to see the products in your BigCommerce store. But, it’s people who are going to buy your products and they see them with their eyes, not an algorithm.

So, professional product photos are worth a thousand words in the buyer’s eyes. And as an eCommerce store owner, professional product photos can mean thousands more dollars in your pocket.

AMD recommends Tampa Photo for professional product photos since they have the experience in shooting products for Amazon, eBay, and other eCommerce sites.